MW Experiences has corporate wellness programs that fit your team and budget. We know that now, more than ever, our work life impacts our home life (and often are one and the same). We know that by creating small, healthy, physiological daily habits in our lives, we can shift our core beliefs and create big changes in our overall happiness, wellbeing and success.

MW Experiences works with companies from the core outwards to build and develop key people strategies that increase individual health and wellbeing, optimize working relationships, improve remote office work ethic and maximize overall wellness and life balance. The result? Proven business outcomes via higher levels of positive company culture and employee experience, leadership development, retention, peer recruitment and internal promotions.  

Using an innovative and unique blend of personal development tools with meaningful business applications, movement and mindfulness, our master trainers work with Directors, Managers and HR Specialists to improve company culture by building personal integrity, resilience, team trust, respect for diversity, communication and problem-solving skills.

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Marisa Wong

Marisa is the Founder & CEO of MW Experiences, a certified Yoga Instructor, PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor and First Aid Instructor. Growing up, Marisa was passionate about staying active playing sports like golf, volleyball, baseball, football and swimming. As she grew older and entered the corporate world, her health and wellness took a back seat. She was constantly travelling and working insane work hours as a sponsorship and events marketing professional. She realized she needed a lifestyle change and channeled her passion for sports, wellness and travel to create MW Experiences. MW Experiences is the leading global brand of world class sports and wellness experiences. They bring extraordinary, world-class VIP services to the global event planning industry with programs ranging from championship sporting events to tropical excursions to unique sports and wellness adventures. With global success and divisions in Canada, the US and Asia, Marisa is an inspiration to everyone who wants to break the mold and follow their dreams.

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