VIP Virtual Experiences

Surprise Guest Meet & Greet

Surprise your team with a drop-in call or meet & greet with a special guest on your next team meeting or virtual event to invite more engagement and lift the spirits of your participants. A great “pick-me-up” after months of working remotely from home and web meetings. Simple acts of kindness like this “surprise & delight” are impactful and a great way to show your team you care!

We have a big network of “special guests,” but if you have anyone in mind such as a specific athlete, TV host, actor or singer, let us know and we will curate a virtual experience with your guest of choice!

Concert Experience

Miss seeing your favourite music artist or DJ live in concert? Well here’s the next best thing…a private live virtual concert just for you and your team!

Receive a personally delivered party kit filled with your favourite drink, snacks and concert accessories and get ready for a good time!

Nothing helps alleviate stress like good music, great people and fun vibes.

Chef Cooking Experience

Ever dreamed of cooking with your favourite chef or a Michelin Star chef? Well here’s your chance! Let us curate an unforgettable virtual cooking session for you and your team!

Take your team out of the remote office and bring them on this fun, engaging, and “safe” team-building event to boost company morale.

Now get ready to cook alongside an expert and discover their special cooking tips & tricks!

Mixologist/Sommelier Experience

Put the laptops away and grab a drink! Re-create your favourite cocktail or have a wine tasting at the comfort of your own home. We will work with you to create a virtual mixologist/sommelier workshop just for your team! The benefits of having a Virtual Cocktail Workshop…

  • Learn from an expert to make unique delicious drinks or to explore various wine tasting notes 
  • Expand your drink menu and improve your palette
  • Personalized cocktail/wine kit delivered right to your door
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