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This has been a game changer to my life in so many ways. It is my rock. First thing I turn on in the morning to kick start my day.

Currently I am in the Chief Life Officer Program, Lifebook, 10x. I’ve done a few others which have impacted my life significantly including Quantum Jumping, The Silva Method, Be Extraordinary and Calling in the One. They have helped me take my life and business to the next level.

The knowledge, the community, and the support has helped me transform into the woman I am meant to be. Striving to learn more and more everyday so I can share the knowledge with others.

Mindvalley changed and is still changing my life every day. Start your journey to an extraordinary life below.

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We are proud partners of Titika Active Couture. They offer a wide range of quality athletic wear to fit every style and body type. Their growing line also features stylish pieces hat span far beyond your typical workout gear.

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Our friends at F45 have given MWE guests special pricing for a 7 day pass - $10. *regular price $25

Only Available in Toronto at these studios:

  • Regent Park
  • Toronto Downtown
  • Liberty Village
  • Waterloo