Health & Wellness Experiences

Fitness Boxing & Killer Core

A combination of strength and cardio – learn the basics of boxing from all different kinds of punches to defensive tactics such as slips and rows.
It’s both individual and interactive while being competitive. This class can allow you to burn anywhere from 700 to 900 calories during the hour. The last ten minutes is concluded with a stretch.

Killer Core

Body weight training to strengthen abdominals, obliques and back by utilizing balance and stability to engage the core. 30 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds to transition and rest between each core exercise.

Movement -
Mobility & Animal Locomotion

Introducing a new and unique health & wellness activity! Get ready to integrate mobility with natural movement to improve your body weight strength and movement quality while increasing your range of motion.

Pre habilitation aims to prevent injuries before the actual occurrence. We want to evaluate and test your capacity, alignments and dysfunctions. It leads to improved movement quality by intentionally eliminating postural imbalances in the body.

  • Learn basic maintenance of body mechanics
  • Improve your range of motion
  • Stay injury free

This class intentionally blends various training modes in order to create a holistic and balanced structure of training. You will increase your range of motion, improve your body weight strength and move naturally by using movement as crawling, pushing, rolling, jumping, squatting…. This class is open to all levels and will complement other fitness programs.

  • Restore the simplicity of training
  • Develop adaptability
  • Reconnect with your environment and yourself

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation sessions are accessible to all-levels to offer physical & mental health benefits.

  • Improve flexibility, strength and physical fitness
  • Reduce stress, boost mood and promote productivity
  • Support mindfulness, continued growth and self-awareness

With over ten years of a dedicated studio practice, my background and training specializes in hatha, vinyasa, power and yin yoga. As a student, practitioner and a coach, my classes are continually evolving to balance my playful curiosity for intention, breath & sensation. I have further studies in Vipassana meditation, alignment and breath work.


A dynamic, flowing practice aimed to open, strengthen and connect movement with breath.


A gentle, slow-paced practice to still the body and mind to allow time to rest & restore.


An all-levels practice focused on alignment to balance, body and mind.


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Nothing gets your heart rate up like dancing to your favourite tunes! Whether you like music from the 80’s & 90’s, today’s Top 40 hits or some good-ol Country music, we have something for everyone!
15min of stretching and a fun warm-up. 45min to learn a high-energy hip hop routine choreographed to your favourite Top 40 hits. Choose from Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced levels.
15min of stretching and a fun warm-up. 45min to learn a commercial style routine mixed with hip hop, jazz and a lot of sass. Get ready to groove to your all-time favourite jams. Choose from Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced levels
Get ready to learn some of the most popular line dances you see at all the country bars. It’s time for you to join the dance floor and boot scootin’ boogie instead of watching from the side! Choose from Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced levels.
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