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my wellness routine

by Marisa Wong

Listen & Learn

I listen to a podcast or audible book. Thanks to Audibles I can crush out 1 to 3 books a month while on my walks,
driving in the car or while doing errands.
It is important to always continue learning and level up.

Me Time

Sundays are my ME day where I do whatever I want for myself. It is my way to refuel my tank. It can comprise of resting in bed, going to the spa, outdoor activities, playing sports. Whatever I feel like I do. Key essential is to turn off your phone notifications for a digital detox.

This was a game changer for me as I always put others before my own needs. Once I learned how to take care of myself first I found I could help others more efficiently and effectively. Like they say on the plane, give yourself the oxygen first so that you are equipped to help others.

You are no good to others if you are not well yourself.

It has taken me some time and many trials
to perfect the formula for my wellness routine. It changes daily but I have set 5 non-negotiables:

Wake up, breathe and meditate

I turn on music via my Spotify playlist. Some days I do not have a time limit and there are days I can only do 5 minutes. I dont put pressure on myself, I allow myself to flow.


I put pen to paper my thoughts, my word of the day and map out my daily goals

Sweat or Flow

I do a 45 minute HIIT workout at F45 or a yoga flow session or both. It is important to get that body moving.

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