Meet Alison

I was first introduced to yoga as a collegiate hockey player at Brown to balance our D1 high performance training schedule. Growing up as a multi-sport, elite level athlete I found it challengingly simple & slow.
It was not until years later at a studio gym that I stumbled onto my mat again and truly understood the power of simplicity & stillness as more than mere stretching.

With over ten years of a dedicated studio practice, my background and training specializes in hatha, vinyasa, power and yin yoga. As a student, practitioner and a coach, my classes are continually evolving to balance my playful curiosity for intention, breath & sensation. I have further studies in Vipassana meditation, alignment and breath work.

Yoga is a progressive practice of strength, balance and mindfulness, with a benefit for all people and all intentions. Yoga is an empowering lifestyle and I am grateful to have a vibrant career sharing my passion with students of all ages and all abilities, in communities all across the world. As a yoga coach, I strive to create the space to challenge each student to explore what yoga means to them on their mat, so they can experience the benefits as they step off their mats; refreshed and inspired.

Remember, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” See you on your mat – Namaste!