Meet Sam

My name is Sam Kay! And I can’t tell you how excited I am to embark on this fitness adventure with MW Experiences. Anything is possible when you surround yourself with positive uplifting empowering people that give you energy and help push you to achieve your goals.

Im super passionate about people and there’s really nothing more rewarding to me than helping someone achieve their fitness goals. It’s not just the physical change it’s more so mentally, emotionally and spiritually, pushing you beyond your limits to become the best version of yourself. 

Bringing your sparkle back with @mwexperiences.

I have been working as a level 3 personal trainer for the past five years, motivating clients, inspiring positive change and creating new lifestyle habits to bring that sparkle back. I have a proven track record in retaining clients on a long-term basis with incredible results and I have honestly gained some beautiful friendships along the way. 

I love to teach karaoke spin, boxercise, body sculpt, circuit/bootcamp training, group PT, core classes but I specialize in weightloss and gym based boxing. I also have a solid knowledge of anatomy and exercise physiology.

I really do have such a love for the industry and committed to improving the health and well-being of individuals. I approach my work with a high level of initiative, reliability, empathy and determination.

I would love to make an impact on people’s lives through fitness, just moving the physical body, practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques can have a massive effect on our mood and natural endorphins. Incorporating new daily routines and creating small realistic fitness habits is my main mission . My goal is also to build a community of like minded people bringing you to a more positive healthier you.

Look forward to meeting you all